State of Hunger

September 10th, 2016

This is the official launching of our very own, ZOMBIE story. Before we begin with the prologue, let us lay out the facts.

To select a theme, let us first look at example of great modern zombie movies and TV series to find a genre. Let us start with The Walking Dead Season 1, currently one of the highest ranking seasons the show has put up. According to IGN, The Walking Dead Season 1 not only attracted a huge fan base, but also pulled the interest of comic book readers. The show made it clear that it was not going to follow the book when it emphasized the relationships between families. This is a theme I would like to adapt to my own story, a clear focus on relationships between survivors and their loved ones.

However, not all great zombie movies are built on seriousness and tension. Another great example of a zombie adaptation is Zombieland. Ranked prestigiously in its genre, Zombieland casts popular actors Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg in its comedy, horror film that brought and interesting mix to screens. Director Ruben Fleischer debuted his film to positive ratings, being praised by multiples sites for his comedic breakthrough to the horror genre. However, comedy wasn’t the only thing to take away from his movie, theguardian points out the director’s intricate build-up of Eisenberg’s character which gave the movie such a relatable feeling. Character development is a fundamental element to storytelling, the first person narrative from Eisenberg inspires me to copy the direction he used to portray loneliness and sense of self.

State of Hunger:


Some faces you never un-see, some voices you can’t un-hear. The clock is ticking and slowly I find myself feeling no different than the creature that had trapped me in these miserable walls. As I tried to muster my courage, the screeching sounds of fingernails against rotten paint glued me to the tile floor.

Thump… thump… thump…

The banging on the door matched my heartbeat, growing ever so restless. This couldn’t be the end; I couldn’t let this be my end. Around me lay scraps of office remains, it seemed forever that it has seen use. Forever that anything had meant something. I dared myself to walk towards the door, limping as I go.

Thump… thump… thump…

It came like a tidal wave. The realization that I am powerless against fate. I am not brave, I am a coward. I am not brave, I’ve been running from reality. I placed my ear at the door, listening. The creature’s growl pierced my ear, but I did not back off. My mouth opened and I begged.

“Please… Please… Don’t make me do this.”

Thump… thump… thump…

It was faster now. My mind was lost in fear and despair. I thought of her again. I promised that I never will, but I have already broken so many promises. I could almost see her. She was behind the door, beckoning me to open. Letting her in… letting myself go…


The door shook as the creature slammed itself against the steel frame. I found my head on the floor, ringing. It all seemed to go away. The pain, the voices, the faces. All but one.

The door handle began a turn.

Next week:

In the upcoming week, we’ll be talking about zombie physiology and where our story will likely be set. In addition, we will also be looking at other example of zombie adaptations. So stay tuned!


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