Remembering 9/11

On a side track to our story, this weekend is the 15th year anniversary for the tragic event that took place on a Tuesday morning in New York.

I remember first getting the news. It seemed like a story you pick from the worst pages of history, and so it was. Our teacher told it to us like it happened years ago, leaving no detail out. Hijacked planes had crashed into the towers, leaving death in its wake. I was nowhere near the incident, nor was anyone I held dear. Still, it felt wrong.

It felt wrong that something like this happened. It felt disgusting to realize that someone committed such a terrible act. It felt sad to know that hate will always breed hate. Our teacher left us in silence as she sat in her chair, gazing out the window. It was hard to describe what I felt, or what anyone felt. Nevertheless, there were no smiles to be had that day.

That day saw the nation’s greatest heroes, extraordinary deeds of courage. At moment like these, we rely on the media to tell us the story. It was not a time of smartphones, nor was it the time of social media. The first iPhone was 6 years in its making and Facebook was 3 years away. No one did it for the likes, they just did what felt right. If it happened today, we probably have more footage from mobile devices and more comments about the incident. In truth, that is not needed.

It was the cameras and helicopters that showed the world what happened. It was lenses, screens and voices that brought us together. United on a fact that strength does not come from violence, but from kindness and compassion.


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