Chapter 4: Elusion


Last week, we discussed a possible cure for the zombie apocalypse:

Administering a biological nerve agent at early stages

Zombie Survival 101:

Lots of theory crafting and speculations have risen from the zombie genre. Fans and believers have wrote books and blog posts addressing important zombie survival skills. The most essential tip of all is don’t get bitten.

On TheFW, author Carl Pettit lists a few interesting points during the apocalypse. Keep yourself free from bites, be quick on your feet, avoid deadweight, stockpile food, try a boat, seek military shelter, associate with sensible people, keep your surroundings free of zombies and make a map.

The wilderness survival guide on advises survivors to size up themselves, scout surroundings, check your equipment, compose your senses, improvise, value living, blend in and adopt basic skills to survive living in the wild.

By comparing these two guides, we can see that the first and foremost rule is to take care of yourself. Shelter and equipment comes second. Making sure you have a safe enclosure with plentiful amount of food can increase your odds.

That being said, zombie are mindless predators. Unlike animals that fear danger, zombies are relentlessly drawn to flesh. So deviating from the regular wilderness survival, you have to pick the right companions.

However, we can not say for sure how a regular person can adapt to a zombie apocalypse because it has not yet happened. In our story, we will try to address these issues subtly following the steps taken by our characters.

Chapter 4: Elusion

“Mike? Mike!”

It was as though my ears were recovering from an explosion. My head was spinning and breakfast seemed to be finding its way out the wrong direction.

“Hey! what happened?”

A slap came across my cheek and the ringing in my ears halted.


She looked confused.

“I don’t know what I just saw, it was like… like a zombie.”

The look on her face remained unchanged. I could not even believe what I had witness, could this be a zombie apocalypse or was it just a bad prank. But it couldn’t be a prank. There was blood. I sat myself down on Sarah’s bed and reached into my pocket. It was then that I realized that my phone had slipped out of my jeans as I left room 2215.

2215, what could have happened to the girl? And her poor roommate, she must have been so scared. And the janitor. But it couldn’t be true.

“I need your phone. Sarah, please.”

Still looking puzzled, Sarah handed over her Samsung and I immediately went onto the news. There was no mention of zombies or anything close. I extended my search and was met by nothing but conspiracy theories. As I begun to recompose myself, a notification from CNN’s mobile app vibrated Sarah’s phone. The second I read the headline, my heart sunk with my courage. My reaction was so apparent, Sarah snatched her phone out of my hands.

“This is a joke right?”

Breaking News: Hospital patients attacked doctors at Cheyenne County Hospital. September 17th – At 2:12pm yesterday, a doctor reported that a patient violently assaulted him while he conducted a routine check up. Dr. Larry Brown described the injury as a bite on his left arm. While the doctor reportedly clean and treated the wound, he fell onto the floor today as he stepped into the hospital. As nurses rushed to help the downed man, Dr. Brown regained consciousness and bit one of his assistants. We do not yet know if this was a related incident with the September 14th episode at Saint Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, but is has prompted the CDC to place the entire hospital on lockdown.

“Is this what happened?”

“I don’t know.”

“You said she was biting everyone!”

“This is crazy. I don’t understand.”

The story sounded outrageous but the coincidence were paramount. I shut my eyes but the images in the room still lingered.

“What do we do?”

I looked up and met her eyes.

“Lets just get away from here and think about it somewhere else.”

Fear was creeping up my back, but I could not let it show. Panicking was the last thing I wanted out of both of us. Sarah grabbed her backpack and we headed out her room. Four officers had arrived and two stood outside room 2215. One officer noticed us and pointed towards the stairs.

“Something crazy is going on in there, it might be related to those hospital attacks.”

The officer waved me off and I helplessly obliged. When we got out, 2 more uniformed officer approached us and asked about the incident. As I explained the incident, the officer holding the clipboard stopped writing and spoke.

“Son, sit down and we’ll have a medical staff look at you.”

“You don’t understand, she was…”

“It’s okay, we have people looking into it.”

Sarah pulled me away and we both sat by the sidewalk.

“What’s going on?”

Sarah asked, looking more calm.

“It feels like one of those zombie movies, where the dead bite people.”

My heart was racing. The police did not had the same effect on me as it did on Sarah. Their presence only serves as more fuel to my paranoia.

As I was about to open my mouth again, two gunshots echoed out the dorm.


Next Week:

We’ve come to a point in our discussion that seriously challenges our view on an apocalypse. Unlike surviving in the wild, living in an apocalypse plays out heavily with the company you keep. Not only are we avoiding the dead, but the living posed as a danger too. Next week, we’ll discuss the effects of weather during a zombie apocalypse.



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