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My favorite part of the day is to cook up a nice meal with red meat and toast. Cooking is not the only thing that makes the past time better. I always switch on my laptop and turn on a lifestream of an E-sport competition. Like football play-by-play and analytics, E-sports share a same setup on their online and LAN competition. With rising prize pool and the availability of a free streaming platform, one could argue that online gaming has been a globalization process long in its wake.

Commentary is a service that has often been crucial to the popularity of an event or phenomenon. While cable and TV stations are not open to broadcasting E-sports, Valve and Blizzard have openly sponsored and co-sponsored tournaments with national gaming entities. The first appearance of gaming in a different media was in TBS, an Australian based cable and satellite television channel.

Twitch has been the forerunner of the online distribution platform, it allows audiences to connect their own games for rewards. Amazon even partnered with Twitch to create Twitch Prime which is basically a premium account for online viewing with a discount and reward system for gamers. With such a successful platform, who knows where E-sports will go, maybe the internet is the only media they need.

For an example of what Blizzard (considered the best quality productions) has output, their newest game Overwatch sold for an ridiculous amount of 40 dollars a copy, recieved and overwhelming amount of 20 million buyers. Traditionally competitive online games have been free to play, this could shift the scene because more and more people are incentivized by the tournaments and streaming revenues.



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