Changing Directions

The start of this blog had been building on the genre of zombies and our novel came to a stop a month ago. This post is intended to explain that sudden discontinuation.

I have been mapping out the story but I just could not find facts about zombies to write about anymore. Our format had consist of a single universal fact about zombies followed by an original chapter. Right now, I pretty much covered everything about a zombie apocalypse and all that’s left is the novel. I hate to just post a chapter without the context of an introductory passage into zombies so I have been holding back on it.

In this post, I will post the remaining plot summarized so I can let go of the novel and continue putting up content which are related to current issues. I decided to go with this motif because as I write upon up-to-date topics, I realized the importance of conveying the raw emotion and facts.

So here is the plot summary for those who had interest in the zombie novel, feel free to comment if you want me to finish it in full narrative:

Mike and Sarah waits for the zombie to leave the alley and goes down the fire escape. They met a police officer who led them into the local Walgreens. There, they met a community and began sharing stories. However, not all the residents of the makeshift shelter are friendly. Some had different agenda’s and soon Mike realizes they had to leave. One night, one of the police officer was shot and everyone panicked. Mike grabs Sarah and made a run for it. When the exited to the streets, a horde of zombies met them. Surrounded, they hold each other one last time before making a mad dash for a police car. Mike sprinted as fast as he could but Sarah tripped and fell behind. Mike turns away from the car and tries to go back for Sarah. Try as he might, the surrounding undead collapsed upon her and Mike fell to his knees. Shocked and devastated, he tried to kill the zombies but could not find the strength. He dragged himself into the car and drove for the university where it all began. He went into the classroom were he spent moments alone with Sarah. Chairs were flipped and papers were sprawled across the floor. There, he got cornered by a zombie and was forced to lock himself in the classroom. He fell to the floor… (Prologue). THE END

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